Thursday, 20 January 2011

Should've/Would've/Could've gone on to win the last test but didnt. I do agree that Pak had the chance to win the 2nd test and clean sweep NZ. If I was Misbah I would've pushed on to win the second test but the trouble is I aint him and then the trouble on top is that there are way too many people criticising him but all I can say is that sitting on your bottoms and criticising is very easy but been in the situation yourself you'll realise how much of a hardwork it is! If Younis was on the crease I would've been annoyed that Pak didn't go for the win as he has an amazing 4th inning record but then he was already out and as all of you are fully aware that anything is possible in Pak cricket; You will know this if you have been following Pak cricket for some time as if they need 50 runs with 6 wickets in hand then it is possible that Pak will lose, so simply IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING IN PAK CRICKET and that's the beauty of it! So on the other hand I am happy that Misbah played a responsible, riskless inning and made sure he gives this gift to Pak's fans after 4 years, something we have been waiting for. To all of u still criticising, I would like to say that leave the past behind and hope we don't make same mistakes in the future! For now JUST be proud of the corner tigers for what they acheived. Inshallah Team Pak will not disappoint you in the future.  


  1. is this called a blog? childish...

  2. Sorry Zain to disappoint u. this is my first ever post for any blog so I m new to the business! Inshallah won't disappoint in the future!